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Call for Submissions

We welcome blog post submissions from anyone who identifies as a disabled academic. Blog posts can focus on experiences within the academy (i.e. conferences, research, comprehensive exams) or other topics. We invite you to share experiences without "take-away" moments, such as incidents of ableism, to document their pervasive nature in the academy. We also invite you to share research projects tied to disability studies. We welcome essays on personal ties between your disabled identity and academic identity as well.

We also invite you to submit alternative forms to the traditional blog. We will host artwork, images, songs and other forms of commentary, provided that they are accessible to all of our viewers. If you are interested in submitting a form of visual expression we ask that you provide image descriptions alongside your submission. Similarly, any forms of verbal expression require text transcriptions as well.


Proposals should be submitted to our email address:

To propose a piece, please offer a few lines about the topic you'd like to focus on, and detail the lens you'll use to analyze the topic. There is no need to disclose particulars about your disability, but you are welcome to do so.

For example: "I would like to write a piece on conference accessibility. I have a mobility disorder, and I've found conference spaces to be really inaccessible. I want to detail why that is."

Within two weeks you should receive a response from our editorial team. If approved, you will then work with one of our editors to get the piece ready for publication. All pieces will be offered flexible deadlines, and we will release pieces on a set schedule once we receive submissions.


Submission Formatting:

1. Include a title

2. Include a brief author biography

3. Range from 800-1400 words, with some flexibility on word limit

4. 12 pt font

5. MLA citations if you have any

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