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History of the DAC


My name is Nicole Schroeder and I'm the founder of the Disabled Academic Collective. I organized and launched the DAC in July 2020 with a lot of community support. 


The DAC is made up of of undergraduates, graduate students, faculty members, and independent scholars who identify as disabled. We came together in July 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to form a support network. We have found the academy at large to be an inaccessible space, one that is especially hard to navigate for those with disabilities. Our Collective provides a platform for disabled academics to chat, share experiences, solicit advice, and share hope for the future. We are committed to dismantling ableist barriers to access in higher education. To date, over 600 individuals have joined the DAC. 




We ​designed this website as a resource where we can share our experiences and our expertise beyond the membership of our Collective. This is a space where able-bodied individuals can read about our experiences, learn how to design more equitable academic environments, and confront their own ableist practices. This is also a space where prospective members can learn more and reach out to us to join the Collective. We hope that our resources can help both non-disabled allies and disabled activists.  

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