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The DAC is growing day by day, and we'd love to have you join us! The Collective is hosted on a Discord server. To make sure that we're getting people interested in the server, and not bots, we ask that you use the "Contact Us" form below. Just email us a short message and we'd be happy to add you! You can email us something as simple as "Hi, I'm a disabled academic and I'd like to join the DAC." Lengthier emails are also welcome, as they help us gauge how we are growing and what our members would like. Emails that detail 1. How you found our about us and 2. What you'd like to get from joining, are incredibly useful to us. 

Our Discord was designed by and for disabled individuals. It is a space to openly chat about our shared challenges, to receive community support, and to boost our own academic work. We have chats where we set daily work goals and practice mindfulness, along with chats about accommodations, fellowship applications, and conferences. We host mock job interviews, we offer advice on applying to programs, and we host mock conference talks, amongst other things. 

While this Wix website is a space for outreach to our able-bodied allies, we do ask that our Collective remain a safe space for disabled individuals. To ensure that, we ask that our allies connect with us here, or on Twitter, rather than using our Discord server. If you identify as disabled, or if you face ableism in the academy, and you'd like to join the Collective please write to us below! 

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