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Check here for resources on Universal Design Learning, pedagogy, and classroom activities designed by our members

By Nicole Schroeder and the DAC Twitter Network

A bibliography of blog posts, newspaper articles, and journal articles regarding the benefits of remote and hybrid access in higher education. Pertains to college classes, events, conferences, and research. Following the bibliography are a selection of letters you can send to administrators and event planners regarding the importance of remote access. 

By Various Contributors

A collaborative list of resources to help disabled students, staff, and faculty find community. Designed to be used at the start of the term, or distributed to students, this resource lists relevant Twitter handles, webpages, and tools for disabled academics who might need information about legal rights, accommodations processes, or community connections. 

If you'd like to add a resource to our current list, please comment on the document or reach out to us directly. 

Cripping Pandemic Learning: Pre-Course Teaching and Learning Analysis

By the Canadian Journal for Disability Studies, authored by Danielle and Hannah

This series of self-reflective questions will help educators think about the coming fall term. Hosted by the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, this series can also be followed on Twitter using #PandemicSyllabiCJDS It prompts educators to consider who is in their classes, and what the goals of the course are, in an inclusive manner. 

By the Canadian Journal for Disability Studies, authored by Danielle and Hannah

A collaborative list of resources from higher education institutions, organizations, academics, or blogs on the topics of Universal Design Learning, online assessment, the needs of disabled students, and improving accessibility. 

By the Canadian Journal for Disability Studies, authored by Danielle and Hannah

A collaborative document listing peer-reviewed articles on Universal Design Learning, online teaching, online assessment, and/or academic ableism. Includes brief statements summarizing each published piece and weblinks to any digital publications.

Accessibility & Universal Design

By Nicole Schroeder

This is a guide for teaching assistants and faculty members. It covers the basics of accessible classroom design, and introduces newcomers to the principles of Universal Design Learning. It also offers a list of outside resources to use when planning your class and classroom activities. 

This guide can be used side-by-side with the following talk hosted on Youtube:

By Nicole Schroeder

This introductory guide to disability services and the accommodations process. The guide is written for the University of Virginia specifically, but offers an introduction for new teachers to help them understand what accommodations are, why they're necessary, and how educators can facilitate the accommodations process. 

By Nicole Schroeder

This document offers an overview of digital humanities tools (most are free, others are free if affiliated with a university) that specifically help address online learning. Vary your day-to-day assignments by incorporating these tools into your teaching. 

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